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You wanna know how much I like @StinceBuilt ?

I just bought another PC from them and its a miniature version of the one I have currently. If that doesn’t tell you how much I love Stince and his builds, I don’t know what does.

Beyond thankful to do what I do for a living <3

Apologies for the shitty quality but @JeffMStinson at @StinceBuilt just do it better. Thanks @MurricanGrizz for the recommendation on the build. If you guys are in need of a new PC, there’s nowhere else to go!

Quick Update! 🔥

✅System Turnarounds are on 7-12 Days

✅Pricing lowered across the board on all builds

✅GPU’s in stock from 3050-3090 Ti.

Custom builds:

Optimized Systems w/ @FoVeS_FPS:

#StinceBuilt #DontStetle

When many are leaving, he’s making sure your systems get home to you safe.

The man behind every well, no, expertly packed #StinceBuilt system that leaves our doors.

Get your next system started today! ✅

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Featured Builds:

Back in December, we partnered with Twitch Streamer and YouTube Content Creator, Swagger, for a much needed updated Stream PC build. Swagger was going through issues with his current PC and needed something expedited. Within 12 hours, we had a PC built, a fresh install of windows installed, drivers updated, and PC shipped all in record time.

Swagger’s Stream PC featured a Intel i9-9900k, 32GB PC3600MHZ GSkill Ram, Corsair AIO, EVGA 1080ti, all assembled on an Aorus Z390 Pro Motherboard tucked nicely into a Lian Li case.

Back in December, we partnered with Huge YouTube Content Creator, Havoc Gaming, for a much needed gaming PC. Havoc Gaming was looking to stream more mobile gameplay while also being able to game with other online content creators. We built a super clean black/white themed PC Build specifically for him!

Havoc Gaming’s PC features a Ryzen 5 2600x, PC3000 Crucial Ram, an MSI RX580 8GB GPU, a Sabrent NVME m.2 SSD, all while being assembled on an Asrock B450m Pro Motherboard tucked nicely into the gorgeous Darkflash DLM22 Black Case w/ Addressable RGB Case fans.


In February 2020, we partnered with Professional Racer, Kyle Lick, for a VR/Racing PC setup. Kyle was looking for some pretty hefty specs while still keeping his budget reasonable, all while being able to use the PC to practice for when he was off the track.

Kyle’s PC featured an AMD Ryzen 3600X, 16GB PC3200MHZ Corsair Ram, NZXT AIO, EVGA 2070 Super, all assembled on an MSI Gaming Carbon Edge B450 Motherboard tucked nicely into a NZXT 510 Elite case.

More of our Recent Builds:

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